Rose McGowan Information

Rose McGowan was born September 25th 1975, in Florence, Italy. She was born into the Children Of God cult, but was taken away from it when she was 5 to move into the USA. She did not learn english until she was 10. After her parents got divoreced she lived with her mother and her other siblings. When she was in school she was considered a druggie, seeing that she wore lots of black. After school she would try to find a job. She once worked in a movie theater, but was fired for breaking cookies so she wouldn't have to pay for them. So afterward she spent a lot of time in gay bars, seeing that nobody would hit on her. She got her first break when she was in the movie The Doom Generation. Since then she has been in many movies including my favorite, Jawabreaker. She is also engaged to my favorite shock rocker Marilyn Manson. The newest movie she will star in will be "Ready To Rumble" where she will play a nitro girl co-starring with David Arquette and Caroline Rhea.

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